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Jewish Federation Day of Service - Volunteer Center

Sunday, November 24th, 2019 from 10:00am to 1:00pm (CT)


Positions71 Remaining
Important Registration Details:

1. Each registrant needs their own unique email address in order to confirm their registration. Please note the following for children or spouses/partners sharing the same email address.

2. If your child/ren does not/ do not have their own email address, please click "Register", then you will be able to "Add Attendee" , there you will find a small box that says "Check if Minor" click that box then it will not require you to input an email address, just first and last name only. 

3. If your spouse/partner does not have their own email address, please add them as a minor child per #1, above. Do not worry that they are not a child - we need names of all who will be attending, and the current platform does not allow us another work around. 

The minimum volunteer age is 8 years old. Volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Volunteers process 20% of the food we distribute! Volunteer Center shifts include work like:

  • Bagging and boxing food products
  • Assembling food kits for programs like Food for Kids and Senior Feeding
  • Sorting, weighing, and boxing donations
  • Tagging bags
  • Cleaning

The work we have available for volunteers depends on the donations we receive. We cannot guarantee that groups will work on a certain task or Regional Food Bank program.

Requirement Details
Please do not wear flip flops or sandals. Smashed toes make us sad.
If you're under 18, please fill out a Parental Consent Form and bring it with you.
For more information, review our frequently asked questions or watch what it's like to volunteer with us here!
Be aware that the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is a tobacco free facility and smoking or the use of vapor devices is only permitted in private vehicles.
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Location: Volunteer Center\Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. - Careful! Some navigation applications send you to North Purdue, instead of South!, 3355 S. Purdue Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73179